Watching Archery Online

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Lets be honest ... archery is a minority sport and as such we’re not ever going to get much arching on the TV. The Olympics were a bit of an aberration but if you know where to look on the internet you can find a great deal of bow related awesomeness ... and quite a bit you should under NO circumstances attempt to emulate! ( ... although you can laugh at this one because odds are you'll end up doing it yourself - classic archery fail)

Archery TV (YouTube)

FITA’s (or rather World Archery’s) own channel on YouTube. Quite frankly a joy to watch if you want to admire in close up the best in the world. A lot to chose from as the World Cup preliminary rounds are posted here as well as the finals. Also footage from the field archery championships, the Olympics 2012, European championships and  ... well there’s nearly 1400 (at last check) clips to be enjoyed although you might need to dig a little if you are looking for something not so recent.
Scarily the World Cup final from 2010 is also here. It was held in Edinburgh which many of your Glasgow Archers attended. Can you spot anyone? ... and yes, Geo was there, in club colours right down the front!

Slo Mo Library

Lloyd Brown, current UK coach made a library of slo mo film footage of some extremely good archers shooting around 2008. Included in the library is film of the extremely great Park Sung Hyun (the first recurve archer to shoot a 1405 FITA round in international competition and she took the gold medal in the Athens Olympics). The quality could be better and the formats are rather old .avi .mpg .mov and .wmv but frankly I'll forgive a lot to see Park shoot. Simply awesome.

Pro Series (field archery tv site)

The Pro Series is a series of events for professional compound archers shooting some of the most demanding field courses in the world. While you may be a trad or recurve archer, you cant fail to be fascinated by the Mullenborn course (heavily wooded and hilly), Fort Van Lier (on, under and though a WW1 fort), hiking over a rain drenched Welsh hillside and as of 2013 vertically in a quarry!
Amusingly dry and occasionally unfortunately timed commentary from Scottish team member Alistair Whittingham makes this compelling viewing. Even better theres several years worth of back catalogue to trawl through. (site doesnt seem to be working well in Firefox)

Performance Archery (YouTube)

Mr Whittingham again with his own podcasts of how to shoot. Probably best not to try to learn to shoot from these podcasts but you can get some tips. Admittedly might tend more towards the compounders but there are more than a few recurve gems in there. Certainly much cheaper than getting coaching in person from Alistair.

Instinctive Archery (YouTube)

This is a YouTube search on the term Instinctive Archery. Those of you shooting field, horse, flat or long bow should take a look ... might be something of interest.

National Series (YouTube)

Lots of footage from the national series with top uk archers who you sometimes find yourself shooting next to.

Merlin Archery Adventures (YouTube)

Hosted by the amusing and charismatic (for an archer) Grizzly Jim Kent, well regarded archery store Merlin came up with a winner. Products are unboxed, examined, shot and slightly critiqued on camera in an entertaining way. Also included are some tips from Grizzly who is a pretty decent traditional archer. In addition worth taking a look at is Jim Kents original YouTube page (Archery Adventures) which has even more interesting stuff on traditional archery.
PS: They also posted the best zombie apocalypse movie ever!

Pip Bickerstaffe's How a Bow is Born (YouTube)

For those budding bowyers out here, acclaimed Bowyer Pip Bickerstaffe presents a 9 part video on how to craft a Longbow.

Richard Head Longbows

... and just to be fair, here is Richard Head's Longbow youtube videos to compliment the Bickerstaffe link. They have their own distinct style!

Byron Ferguson’s trick shots (YouTube)

Feeling inadequate as an archer yet? If not Byron should finish you off!

A Hundred Years of Archery - British Pathe News

The archives of the British Pathe News have been loaded into UTube. The link here is a search on the term "archery" held within the archive. Its archery ... but not as we know it!


... be aware that YouTube is stuffed to the gills with dangerous idiots, doing stupid things with bows that you should not do. (Hint: if they are ‘Merkin, in a plaid shirt and toting a camo compound (and possibly a beer) ... put down the mouse and step away from the screen)