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Glasgow Archers Fees

Fees are paid in two parts, club fees and affiliation fees.

Club fees cover your membership of Glasgow Archers, use of any equipment, coaching and so on.
Affiliation fees cover your membership of the sports national and regional bodies, and mean that you are insured to shoot in a club environment.

Your total cost of membership is the combined cost of club fees and affiliation fees.
New members will be required to pay both club fees and affiliation fees (adjusted for date of joining), and thereafter fees will be paid according to the schedule set out by the national bodies.

Club Fees

Full Members

Glasgow Club Fees for 12 months as a full member are as follows: -
Senior £80
Junior £40
Family (maximum) £160 

Glasgow Archers annual club fees are renewed at end of February/beginning of March. We dont ask for shooting fees as well. One annual payment and thats it.

Associate Members

An Associate member is one who is a member of another club but shoots at Glasgow as a guest.
The adult Associate member rate is £45 per season (2 seasons per year, Outdoor and Indoor) payable in April and September. Junior Associate rate, payable at the same times as the above, is £25.

Please note: GNAS/SAA Region fees must be paid through the club you are affiliated to before you can become an associate member of another club.

Affiliation Fees

The ArcheryGB (GNAS), Scottish Archery Association and Area (West of Scotland) Fees are available in far more detail at the SAA web site saa(Use your club code for access as both username and password) but basically for an adult this amounts to:-

GNAS (ArcheryGB): £40
SAA: £27
Region (West): currently moribund so we don't pay anything

Total £67

The ArcheryGB/GNAS/SAA/Region fees are payable in early September. You have to be affiliated to a FITA connected organisation (be it Archery GB or similar national body) to shoot with Glasgow Archers due to insurance restrictions.

Important Note: All above fees are subject to pro-rata adjustment for whenever you join in the year so no need to worry if its half way through a season or that you'd be expected to pay the full fee for a couple of months.