Sunday Sessions

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Sunday Sessions are available for all full and associate members during the 'summer' months - at least for those with their own kit. (reason for this is there wont be any coaching and the experienced archers down sunday are usually busy with their own kit, form and competition preparations)

They run from roughly 10am till the last keyholder has to go and lock up the field.

Great isnt it?

Well sort of! Theres a bit of a catch.

The only regular keyholder who turns up on a Sunday morning is our own archer in black Geo. Now while he is pretty regular he doesnt turn up every Sunday. Howling summer gales, Glesgie rain, hangover, being made hoover and the odd competition around Scotland does mean that there may be no-one available to open up the field for all of you "so desperate to shoot that you got up on a sunday morning to stand in a puddle" types.

There are other keyholders but they have lives ie significant others who ARE NOT archers and aren't there too often! (Do these mixed relationships actually work? Ed)

Best thing to do is check on a Wednesday night to see if anyone is hoping to be down. (also check the weather for clues)

just for info ... there are so few keyholders in the club because Craigholme wants to know exactly who has access to their field (and who to blame if it all goes pete tong).