Badges? We be Wanting Badges!

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Congrats to those of you who went badge hunting tonight (wednesday 20/11) and achieved a small, shiny, piece of gorgeousness .

For those of you wondering "whats this about badges?", each month we're going to have a target night where you can shoot a Bray 1 round (30 arrows, 20 yards, 40cm face) and your score will let you acquire (for a modest fee) a Glasgow Archers target badge.

Why would you want a badge for shooting some arrows? Archery is all about advancing your best, achieving milestones and badges is how we mark those achievements in this here sport ya hear! There are numerous badges you can win ... Roses and Thistles and Spiders oh my ... but the GA arrows, lion and shield is ours.

Pure dead worth winning n that No?